Jobs and Internships

We work in a variety of sectors ranging from technology to design and everything in between. We expect a positive attitude, good interpersonal skills, ability to face and deal with challenges maturely and professionally – work as a proactive team member within timelines, must be able to prioritize, multitask, and deliver within deadlines. 

Available job positions are mentioned-below, click to know more about them.

Security Researcher

The ideal candidate will be responsible for Vulnerability Assessment or Penetrating Testing or Compliance Audit and documenting which includes technical and executive reports. They are expected to research and experiment in Network, Mobile, and Web Applications. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who has knowledge of basic network fundamentals. At least know one programming language and able to develop scripts (for example Python, PowerShell, Perl, etc.) to test and exploit vulnerabilities. Must have exposure to major tools and techniques used. 

Cyber Forensics

The ideal candidate will be responsible for conducting a comprehensive data breach and security incident investigation. They might need to assist lawyers and other investigators in understanding the implications of their findings regarding the collected evidence. They should be skilled in painstakingly reverse-engineering the forensic evidence that you discover in order to find the root causes of any successful attacks and penetrations into the affected organizations' IT and Data Security systems.

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who is proficient in the dismantling and rebuilding of any affected system or network, in order to retrieve potentially important data. Current knowledge and understanding of rules and regulations about IT Security and Data Protection are highly expected. They should possess an analytical mindset with the ability to make sense of many different data inputs.

Content Writer / Editor [ Blog ]

The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating shareable content on the topics of Cyber Security and should possess the ability to improve on other people's work and oversee the content production in the company. Conducts keyword research to guide content teams.

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who has related knowledge/experience in writing technical blogs. Having excellent command of the English language is highly expected from the candidates. The candidate should also ensure the standard, consistency, and accuracy of the content.

Content Creator [ Video ]

The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating insightful video content mostly related to Cyber Security and Forensics for YouTube (mainly) and other Social Media. They should also be able to coordinate with other internal teams wherein the contents are initially developed.

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who has related knowledge/experience in creating Video content. Having excellent command of any video editing tool is highly expected from the candidates. This position requires someone who is highly motivated and has a knack for creating interesting and creative content.

Python Programming

The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing basic open-source tools and creating scripts related to Cyber security and be able to work with VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing). They should also be able to design and implement robust applications.

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who has basic knowledge and experience in Cyber Security and can develop effective and scalable Python codes. Possess the ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements. Knowledge of SDLC concept/tooling is a plus.

Cyber Lawyer

We are looking for a consultant, who is familiar and experienced with Cyber security regulations and can help with the internal functioning of the company who specializes in drafting contracts and who represents clients in contract disputes. Possess an understanding of what issues could prevent a contract from being executed as planned, and they need to incorporate that understanding into the way a contract is written by outlining what will happen if disaster strikes

The applicant must have experience in Cyber Laws in India and should a have experience in commercial contracts, handling disputes and litigation, in-house or in private practice, preferably within the IT industry. Must also be heavily involved in the drafting and evaluation of contracts/agreements that involve data sharing and information transfer on the internet. They should be aware of certain Acts e.g., Evidence Act of India, Information Technology Act, 2000 (ITA-2000), and Indian Contract Act, 1872. The lawyer should include approved and established cyber security and technology-related clauses that benefit all parties involved.

Web Development

The ideal applicant will be a creative problem solver who will collaborate with cross-functional teams to design, create, and manage our future generation websites and online tools. They must be able to work well as part of a team while also having the initiative to lead on new technologies and projects. Own various design tasks involved in the web development life cycle from the start to finish.

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who has related knowledge and experience in working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and are skilled in at least one server-side technology (Java, PHP, NodeJS, Python). Should have a decent knowledge of Django. Has the ability to multi-task, organize, and prioritize work. They are also expected to have experience in designing and developing responsive websites.

Graphic Designing

The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing creative graphical content for the company for various purposes and also help in developing print collaterals such as catalog brochures, banners, posters, print advertisements, etc. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who can bring fresh ideas to the table and maintain awareness of current industry and technology standards, social media, competitive landscape, and market trends. Love for design, good color sense, taste, and a keen eye for detail.

Marketing Manager

The ideal candidate will be responsible for coordinating, managing projects, and executing strategic integrated marketing campaigns to increase brand visibility and lead generation via webinars, events, email marketing, digital (LinkedIn), telemarketing, etc.

We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter who should possess an entrepreneurial mindset, outstanding people skills, creativity, and aptitude to work with cross-cultural teams. We are looking for a result-oriented "Go-getter" who will help the company to create a strong and impactful positioning. Able to identify and research new markets and find ways to promote brand awareness to gain audience attention.